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A nice introduction to one yak angler's preferred style of milk crate for holding rods and other supplies while out on the water. There's a number of ways to customize milk crates for use on a kayak, and they're all cheaper than building your own pieces out of PVC!
@yakwithalan thanks ill keep that in mind
@mcgraffy yep that'll work, otherwise just shoot me a message and I'll try to help you figure it out if i can
@yakwithalan hmm, you think I can probably just search my yak on youtube to see how to secure it best?
@mcgraffy yep it depends on your exact kayak type though where you can secure it down and how.
amazing what a lot of imagination and a litle bit of cash can do to help you get fishing. if only the lures worked the same way! it's pretty easy to secure one of these, right? @yakwithalan