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Sulli to Take a Break from Entertainment Industry
With rumors flying about and wild speculations about Sulli's disappearance, SM Entertainment finally spoke up. They revealed in a letter on their official website that Sulli will be taking a break from all activities and that their performance on Inkigayo last week will be the conclusion of their "Red Light" promotions. They wrote: "Hello. This is SM Entertainment. As we thank fans for loving f(x), we have something to tell you. Due to the continuous malicious comments and untrue rumors, member Sulli is mentally and physically tired, and has conveyed to the company that she wishes to rest from all activities for the time being. At the end of our serious discussion, we have decided to respect her wishes and of course, protect our artist. Therefore, her schedules have been cancelled and she will be resting for the time being. f(x's promotions of their 3rd full album 'Red Light' will be concluded with last week's SBS Inkigayo performance, and the remaining 4 members Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal will be continuing their individual schedules, as well as the SMTOWN concert in Seoul on August 15 and other overseas promotion. It's regretful that we have to deliver this news to fans, please continue to love and support f(x) in the future as well. Thank you." Hoping Sulli will return to us soon! :(
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I totally saw this coming when they cancelled all of fx's schedules...
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I hate all those stupid netizens that attack this poor girl that over works her ass off just to satisfy them!! They're really judgmental and all this hate coming from a lazy bum sitting behind their computer screen?! Ughhhh
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Whoa I didn't think she'd completely stop promotion though?
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I hope everything is okay! I know she was sick earlier :(:(
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