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I wrote your name in an old parchment And let it stay, till the ink sunk in deep.. Little did I know, the mark would stay.. as the parchment turned yellow,and the days grew grey.. Least I knew, the ink seeped deeper than the parchment.. carving into that cold stone,left out in the dingy pavements. But now, the name is lost somewhere.. deep into that withered parchment. And I seek its trace in the bluish blot,in thunders and rain.. Blinded from my vision, faded from my sight.. I let the shattering rains wash away your touch.. as I tore the parchment into a million pieces.. like some neglected graffiti littered around.. I let the wild winds carry the fragments, into lands unknown.. I was free for a moment..peacefully blissed.. But then as the lightning stroke, and through my blurred eyes I could see the truth..lying in silence in the shadow of my lie.. I found your name, engraved in me.
No matter how one tries to let the relationship go, it seems it's left its mark. Impacting words, impacting meaning. Thanks for sharing~
This literally made me tear up b/c I can relate....
I like that you used the word "stroke" instead of struck--for me, stroke always indicates that something was damaged in the discharge. In this case, the damage left behind was the memory of a name. Interesting piece, thank you again for sharing your works with us!
This is a really interesting way of describing a relationship. I hope you keep writing :)