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A veil of thick, dark clouds hovered over, what was once blue Frosty winds swept across the plains, that once saw the spring's glow Thunderstorms scarred the heart of the Swiss skies Raging whirlpools tore through calm where now the Pacific lies And time was endless,through dark days and darker nights The Earth was lost, but not to the solar storms.. For those who once dwelled on it, looked up into red sky of Mars.. And with a sigh they said.. "Earth was our home once".
3>if it is green  you grin if it is clean  also makes you clean if it is healthy also keeps you healthy if it is heat  you yourself cheat
2>solar is need of hour wind power is need of hour but above all clean and green environment is need of your
Hey @timeturnerjones.. lemme share with you the winning entries.. 1> I’m a little tin can Listen here If you love the Earth You’ll lend an ear When you learn to re-use Cans like me, You cut cost of energy !!!!
@DebankaChanda wow! Cool, thanks for remembering to share :)
@DebankaChanda so they're late in announcing the results?! Shame! Hope you win, haha! Interesting concept behind beginning the poem, though
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