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Rooftop Prince vs. The King 2 Hearts
Still 'The King 2 Hearts' rating is the higher than Rooftop Prince, but yesterday 'TK2H' rating went down 1.1% so the gap in ratings between those two dramas are closed. Love story between Yoo Chun and Jimin seems to be going to start, and Jimin's going to get back her lost memories today, so wonder those affects to the ratings and help 'RP' defeat 'TK2H'.
wow... actually I like Love Rain best, but ratings not good...
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to bad i'm not a love rain lover..i'm a king 2 heart lover hahaha did u all realize that every actor who pair with Ha Ji Won in the drama always get more popular afterwards?? I wonder what charm she has...
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For me, Rooftop is much better than The King;; So sorry
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For me The King 2 Hearts is the best, 2nd is Rooftop Prince, But Love Rain is can't make even in my top 5. Sorry
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hmmm i gotta catch up on my kdrama with rooftop prince. heard it's really funny!
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