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the tempting youth of a slender night..brimming with a cold,blue light.. a step into its silent wilderness..drifts you away to a thousand land.. the lands where you have been..the lands where you always wanted to be.. and every twist in the winding road, fragments of your life in every little corner.. the bejewelled path of the pearly beads..leads to a glimmering world of which you dream.. the vines of winter are yet to touch this world, where the celebrations run under the trees of spring.. chimes of laughter breezes past the blossom , brushing the darling buds of may.. minute drops of the early morning dew, hangs like shimmering prisms to the sun's mild ray.. and in the vast stretch of endless green, the bubbles merge on a seamless sheen.. the prettiest belle who haunts your wake, smiles at you beside the swan lake.. your own dilapidated being, shining in the armour of knight's..petals thrown, the day is yours.. but then..the glory fades and alone are you left.. in the hollow days, bereft of the colors of spring..  an eerie veil of mist, creeping slowly as the distant lights goes dim.. as the stars twinkle blurs and dies, as the bright cloak stirs up the sleeping fog.. its about time, to wake up to the day  where the breathe lies.. about time, to bid farewell to the land where the realm of dreams lies..
thank you @timeturnerjones.I really appreciate your kind words. :)
You really have a way for warping "typical" descriptions into something more: even though rain is often described as a prism, your line "hangs like shimmering prisms to the sun's mild ray" takes that a step further, to something more unique. Nice! Thank you for sharing