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“High School King” actor and 5urprise member Lee Tae Hwan revealed that he had received a drafting offer while practicing ice hockey for his drama role. On July 24, Lee Tae Hwan participated in a photo shoot and interview with “Grazia” magazine. Lee Tae Hwan currently plays the role of a close high school friend of Seo In Guk’s character. His character is also an ice hockey player. Despite being a rookie actor, Lee Tae Hwan has gained popularity for his killer “smiling eyes.” In fact, Lee Tae Hwan’s quick ability to also pick ice hockey did not go unnoticed. In his interview with “Grazia,” Lee Tae Hwan said, “Learning to play ice hockey after training for the short track while filming, ‘Dream Team’ was easy and took less time. When drama filming would end, the coach would ask me if I would like to consider playing on the hockey team instead. He offered to place me on a celebrity team and give me free lessons if I would consider his offer seriously. I was very surprised, considering I had only ever attend ice hockey lessons maybe once or twice back when I was an elementary schooler.”