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"That woman was not really blind. She was an actress." "And this was done by the initiative of my mother, I suppose." "Yes, but..." "So go tell my mother that she must stop. For if my friends would not pull me out of there with drawn swords, that crowd would have killed me. Tell my mother that I don't want the admiration of the multitudes. I just want those who have ears to listen. " "I would do what you asked if I did not know that your mother was right about you. I was there in the crowd, and I saw how you treated that woman. How you were not repelled by her unpleasant look, and how many people were moved when you told her that she is the judge and the savior of those who think that because she cannot see them, they don't have to see her either. " Jesus looks at her surprised, and the woman continues, "My family was in the business of deception for generations, but I wanted to take a different way, so I studied medicine in Alexandria. I learned that blindness can be sometimes cured with simple lotions, and other diseases can be sometimes cured too. Even leprosy is many times confused with other infections of the skin that can be cured, except that no one cares to bother. The plague of our time is that of uncaring hearts, and for this the only cure is a caring heart like yours. " Jesus looks at her, greatly moved by what she said, and then he askes her for her name. "My name is Martha", she replies, "and now, take me to your lovely wife. It is time for two childhood friends to reunite. "
@orenshani7 Indeed, but often we don't see that until the end, when a lot of trouble might have been saved before hand.
@greggr, in the final analysis, I think, most of our problems can.
"The only cure is a caring heart like yours." If only all the problems of the world could be solved by such a cure