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1. SAN DIEGO I might have changed this list a bit, since SD is my hometown and clearly the best part of my great state :) 2. SAN FRANCISCO 3. LOS ANGELES 4. ASKING PEOPLE WHAT THEY DO Californians make their livings as actors, animal wranglers and lifeguards; photographers, forest rangers and food stylists. 5. THE SUNSETS 6. THE TREES Standing next to a 250-foot Redwood really puts things in perspective. 7. THE SKATERS Legend says the skateboard was invented by California surfers who wanted something to ride when the waves were flat. 8. THE COASTLINE California is home to some of the most protected, untouched coastlines in America. 9. THE MIDDLE OF THE STATE This is where you’ll find deserts, fault lines and the Salton Sea.
I'm moving to california for two years after I graduate - I'm excited!
California is really such a beautiful place, now I want to go back and do a big road trip!
Seems like I'm going to have to make a trip to California next time I'm in the US!
I'm from SD too! I love California!
and Disneyland!!!
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