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Hmmm, found this article online and I don't know if I completely agree. I'm okay with being called youthful and energetic though!! What do you think? Brown Eyes- Brown eye colour is also one of the most common eye colours all over the world. Brown colour is an earthy but rich colour. It represents simplicity, strength and creativity. Blue Eyes- Blue is such a lively colour that people who have blue eyes are found to be very youthful. People with blue eyes are spontaneous and energetic people who tend to live their life fully. They have a natural tendency to make others happy. Hazel Eyes - Hazel eyed people are those who will say “challenge accepted” as soon as they see one. They will never back down from a fight and prove that they are the best. They are sweet, empathetic and kind people as long as the things turn out as they want. Green Eyes - Green eyed people are very vibrant people and are found to be very creative. They love adventure and can take on any challenge on a whim. They are very intelligent people and have a great passion towards their lives. Grey Eyes- People who have gray eyes are born to be leaders. They are most sought to resolve issues between people because they can easily understand the issues of both sides and come up with a sensible way to break the ice. They have a strong nature and remain strong in spite of facing any amount of external pressure.
While eyes may be "windows of the soul," they say a lot more than this. Still, great start--I like to think of eyes as having a life of their own
Hmm...I'm green/hazel but I'm a little skeptical too! What about my negative traits, though!
I'm a blue grey^^
I'm a little skeptical haha but these are fun!
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