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Nice video of kayak fly fishing for both bass and bluegill. I noticed when he releases the final bass into the water (around 2:36) he doesn't fully submerge it, and it swims, mouth out of water, until jumping to get back underwater. Any idea why this happened? @mcgraffy @dougjohnson @BobGriffith ? It seems like maybe because it didn't get fully submerged it's having trouble getting back into the water, but I've never seen anything like it before!
I've seen this a couple of times and had one do this for me in my pond I think it's is just instinct to move forward and by not submerging there head they just react this way and jump to get back under water
Love this guys commentary haha @BobGriffith you kayak fish? I've been thinking about getting into it
@pipeline I fish any way available lol looking into kayaks know I have a aluminum 12 ft boat right now
Yep @BobGriffith seems to have it; its mostly just that they need a way to get back under, and that's probably the fastest way for them to do so and keep their balance right
@BobGriffith Awesome! I've been thinking about getting a kayak too but I think I need to work on my skills a little more first haha