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This is something I've always wondered! Why don't the women cyclists ride the Tour? There should be a male, female, and combined. anyone else agree/disagree? Why?
@caricakes @funkystar25 @JustinRay There are have many efforts by professional women cyclists to actually start a women's Tour de France. Last year 5 women cycled the same route as le Tour, just one day earlier. This year there was a race the day before the last day of le Tour featuring all female pro cyclists. There are talks for creating female pro teams that would make up a female Tour de France, however, the professional cycling teams do not have enough money to support a female team along with a male team. A few teams, I think the Belkin team is one of them, have created female teams but other pro teams have not followed suit
My roommate is an avid cyclist so this is the first Tour that I've really paid attention to. I was surprised that there werent any women in the race, hopefully that changes in the near future!
La Course is the race @teamwaffles was talking about. It was an exciting race. @timeturnerjones I would say the women cyclists deserve a following because of their talent, not because it would be fair. I have been passed by my fair share of women on bikes, they are no joke. It's not strange that women cycling is slowing gaining speed, I mean you almost never say Americans in the Tour at all until the 80s and it had been running since 1903
@caricakes is there a reason why there aren't any women in the Tour? Is it a rule or just a lack of interest?
@troygreene84 good point, I guess I didn't so much mean "fair" as just "should exist!" lol. Fair in the sense that they also deserve it because they have talent? not just for equal rights XD hopefully they'll gain the traction needed quickly!
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