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This is something I've always wondered! Why don't the women cyclists ride the Tour? There should be a male, female, and combined. anyone else agree/disagree? Why?
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It's strange because the annual budget for professional men's cycling teams for a World Tour is around $28 million on average.
@teamwaffles WOW I had no idea the annual budget was that big--and that's still not enough to start a women's team?! @JustinRay Personally, I really hope that there will be soon, even though I just follow cycling casually too. It just seems more fair.
La Course is the race @teamwaffles was talking about. It was an exciting race. @timeturnerjones I would say the women cyclists deserve a following because of their talent, not because it would be fair. I have been passed by my fair share of women on bikes, they are no joke. It's not strange that women cycling is slowing gaining speed, I mean you almost never say Americans in the Tour at all until the 80s and it had been running since 1903
Let's go girls!!
@troygreene84 good point, I guess I didn't so much mean "fair" as just "should exist!" lol. Fair in the sense that they also deserve it because they have talent? not just for equal rights XD hopefully they'll gain the traction needed quickly!