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Some of my favorite fishing lures, these are the ones I use the most.
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Mind telling me what the details of each lure are? @MichaelPhillips
Basically there top water lures. Frogs are my favorite for ponds that have a lot of brush around the pond. I like the fake 8 inch worm and lizard for bottom fishing I have found if u think like the lure bait ur using the more fish ur gonna catch. And I like the small white spinner baits for top water bites along with the shinner. I have a lot of bait lures but these are the one's I like jig fishing with. Thanks for the questions @mcgraffy. Hope to here from u soon.
@MichaelPhillips nice....i haven't tried too many white lures to be honest I stick to frogs and worms more than anything else but i like the idea of a white spinnerbait for topwater....gonna get me one and try it out