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Late last week one of my co-workers told me she had Taiwanese friends visiting and asked if I'd be interested in playing tour guide. I figured it was a great opportunity to practice my Chinese and make new friends so of course, I agreed! Inspired by the adorable Cheonggyecheon date idea by @traveller (, I decided to take them for a stroll around one of the smaller palaces, Deoksugung (덕수궁) followed by a wander down the stream. We must've got lucky because on the day we went, they were having a small market on the plaza close to where the stream begins. We had a stroll around, trying the local dishes and cooling down with a glass of Sikhye (식혜-Korean rice punch) before walking on. Since we went in the middle of the afternoon, it was quite busy - especially near the beginning of the stream. However, since the weather was quite hot, everyone was just grouped under the bridges, playing in the water in the shade. We walked from where the stream starts near Gwanghwamun until the bridge closest to Euljiro-4-ga - quite a way! After our leisurely stroll, we'd worked up quite an appetite so headed off to Hongdae for some well-deserved chicken galbi (닭갈비).
how beautiful. I've often been asked if England has a traditional dress and as far as I'm aware, we don't. It's such a pity we don't have something like the hanbok
This looks gorgeous, I wish that cities here in the US paid more attention to creating green/natural spaces. New York is trying but its all manicured parks :/
I love the fact that they're just out and about in there hanboks..when I was in Tokyo, I saw people wearing traditional dress quite frequently but I never really see it in Korea...