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Photographer Liz Steketee has been creating works within photomontage that are seen as transformative the modern photographic movement. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children, she fills her free time with producing photographing. The project Sewn/Traces stems from the turbulent circumstances surrounding the birth of her first child, Emma, playing off a theme of family dynamics and domestic life. Photography is used as a way to express family life, memory, and our sense of self. Here is what Liz says about her work: "Sewn is a mixed media body of work that combines photographs from my extensive archive with collage and sewing techniques. Sewing disparate elements together establishes tension that asks the viewer to questions traditions. In Sewn, I use digital photomontage, physical collage, and sewing processes to create unique object-based artworks. This body of work does not adhere to the purity of one process or material over another. My subject matter explores the notions of photography’s impact on memory and history, human interactions as we navigate “family”, and examining the traditions of vernacular and portrait photography." Make sure to click on the Lenscratch link to see more of Liz's photographs and her full artist statement.
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This is a really cool project, albeit a little scary in some cases...