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Stephen Baker shares how students in several schools in New Zealand participate in weekly Twitter chats, just like many of us educators do! I'm going to be working with 6th graders at the beginning of the year on digital citizenship. I'd love to end each week with a Twitter chat like this, so that all 6th graders could interact, rather than limiting the discussion to a single class of 30 students. This really is brilliant and can be used so many ways. If each class has a Twitter feed, we could have grade level book discussions, continue a digital citizenship discussion, tweet with other classes in our district, state, or around the world. I'm looking forward to introducing this idea to teachers!
This is great--finding inspiration in any new way is always inspiring for students, so I'm sure this will excite them to learn more.
I have recently participated in a few Twitter chats for marketing related topics, and think its a great idea for kids too! This is a skill that they'll probably use in the business world, and it will get them talking about interesting things!