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One of the best ways I've heard about recently to get over a bout of writer's block is to start writing about something you recently learned. If you just heard some news from a friend, or you just encountered a situation you'd never seen before, write about it. New experiences encourage new thoughts, and get your words moving!
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Good idea! I tend to get stuck writing (even if it isnt a creative piece) and cant budge until I jumble up my brain with something else.
This is a great idea! Sometimes just writing anything works for me so I type nonsense sentences like "I don't have anything to say so I am just writing this until the words start coming to me blah blah blah" This is much more productive, though!
@timeturnerjones @caricakes Great! I hope this tip really helps--I'll try to share any more "writing hacks" I come across or come up with.
A concrete way to start writing :)