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Teresa Gagliano is a recent graduate from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and received a BFA in Photography. Choosing to focus on the psychological and ephemeral, Teresa's photography shows viewers see a therapeutic, exploratory outlet of exploratory moments. Here is Teresa's artist statement, enjoy! "flâneur: -noun 1. one who travels, explores at a relaxed pace. flâneur is a physical and psychological path to find calm and simplicity in the unknown. These towns are self-portraits; geographic and photographic anchors of simplicity and stillness in a time of extreme transition and change. They are spiritual and emotional trophies of locational triggers; of abandoning carefully laid plans and finding comfort in the unknown. An archetype of the small-town, relaxed midwestern lifestyle, the process of experiencing these towns on foot grounded the psychological imprint that these towns left on me. A collective self- portrait and cognitive map, these nostalgic landscapes are the sum of a photographic aversion to overcome anxieties; a temporary path. Coming home from Versailles, France, I longed to parallel the connection and introspection that I experienced there within a place back home. To compensate, I followed a literal geographic path to four midwestern towns called Versailles in an attempt to reconnect and quiet myself – a meditative pilgrimage as a flâneur in anticipation to cope with the unknown." Please be sure to visit the Lenscratch page to read more about Teresa and see more of her work.
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Thanks for sharing this! The photos reminds me of the little and simple things in life.