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Love is Forever: Helping Children Deal with Loss
Losing a loved one isn't easy for anybody, big or small. There are thousands of books written on the topics, and many of these books are aimed at parents, how to cope, and how to help their children cope. This book, too, can help your little ones learn to deal with loss. Through lovely illustrations, and beautiful advice, a little owl learns how to deal with the loss of her grandfather. So if you have a little one struggling to deal with their sadness after losing someone, try reading this book with them.
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Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and when people don't have any words, the pictures can say it all! This is a wonderful idea for parents...and even older brothers and sisters not sure of how to help their siblings after a big loss
3 years ago·Reply
@Sjeanyoon @timeturnerjones Sometimes taking a simple route and sharing a story through illustration can be more touching than attempting to share it through words.
3 years ago·Reply
what a clever idea~ as @timeturnerjones said, a picture really is worth a thousand words
3 years ago·Reply
@ahnjp05 @timeturnerjones I think she's right, especially in this case. I hope more books like this continue to be popular with parents
3 years ago·Reply
as sad as it is that a book like this even needs to exist, I'm glad it does :(
3 years ago·Reply