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Jadav Payeng, who lives on the island of Majuli Island, has taken to saving the island himself. The island is eroding more and more each year, but by planting trees, he is helping to save the island. Since the 1970s, he has single handedly planted a forest bigger than Central Park. Amazing story of how one mans actions can save an entire island. Payeng is so passionate, and allows us to see this journey.
This is incredible. Proof that one person can change the world! (Or at least a significant part of the world ^^)
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This is a really cool documentary, how did you come across it?
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@caricakes right?! So inspiring! @sophiamor A girl I know shared it on FB and i just went from there...so cool.
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Just think, if everyone undertook one of these projects we'd have a totally different planet~~!
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