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Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to turn your photography into a stencil. Preparation: - Get an simple photography of yourself (or whatever picture you want to make a stencil out of). - Open the image in photoshop. Step 1: (picture 2): Image>Adjustments>Posterize - Posterize to about level 10. You don't want it to look too different yet. Step 2: Image>Adjustments>Threshold - Slide the bar around until you see something that looks like a stencil. Try to make the stencil as simple as possible, aim for a threshold of around 100. Step 3 (picture 3): Right now you image should look like a very rough outline. You will want to soften it down like this. Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur - Set the radius to a level that still leaves a distinct image, 4 pixels should do it on the Gaussian Blur slider. Step 4 (picture 4 & 5) Posterize it again, this time at 2 levels. Your image is now done. You can print it out however you want and all you need to do is cut it out of the paper. I hope you enjoy!