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In Korean, 맛 means 'taste'. You remember the two words for 'to have' and 'to not have', well, we'll be using them again today. 있어요 means 'to have' so 맛있어요 means 'to be tasty, delicious'. 없어요 means 'to not have' so 맛없어요 means 'to taste bad'. Examples 저 케익 맛있어요. = That cake is delicious. 삼겹살 맛있어요. = Samgyupsal (Korean barbecue) is delicious. NOTE The pronunciation of the last letter in 맛 [ᄉ] changes according to the word that follows it. When it is NOT followed by any word, it’s pronounced as [t], ending the word there. When it is followed by 있어요, it becomes an [S] sound, making 맛있어요 pro- nounced as [ma-si-sseo-yo]. When it is followed by 없어요, it becomes a [D] sound, making 맛 없어요.