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Because I am just as guilty as many other students my age of being thoroughly uninformed about what--and why--conflict is going on between Israel and Palestine, I thought that this article was incredibly helpful. While this piece doesn't go into all the deep, complex bits about the conflict that has been going on for years between the two groups, it does give the basics that anyone living, and interested, in what's happening should know. Like the author, I still feel very uninformed after reading, but a step closer. Give it a read!
well from my point i think that israel is the bad side from this how can they kill childen women and old people without resistant this isn't the right thing to do there's almost 50 or more budy per day and that's not humanity at all i hope they can make it both and end this bad war
I invite you to follow my card, "A sensible world" where I try to explain the facts of the matter in a simple way. I admit that as an Israeli, I am somewhat biased, but you are welcomed to check the facts by yourself. Once they are put in simple terms, it can be done.
Karima, ask yourself how many Israelies would the Hamas kill if they could? If Isral did not have the "Iron dome" anti-rocket system, surely it would be more than 50 per day
@orenshani7 Great, thank you. I'll check it out now!
@orenshani7 Really? Like I said, I'm painfully unaware of the facts of the conflict, so I'd be happy to read some more articles if you have anything you can direct me towards! @Sjeanyoon Likewise, but I'm hoping I can change that.
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