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first of all, we would like to say thank you for giving your love to your fans. Its a tough battle you have been in and it must have been hard these years. just want to let you know, that cassiopeias will always be by your side, no matter what happens. if you fall, we will pick you up. if you shed tears, we will cry together with you. if you smile, our hearts flutter with you. we love to see your smiles, your pure beautiful smiles. from your smiles and eyes, we know, we do, that you are 3 strong guys who have been through many hardships together and emerge powerful and strong. we know that no matter what you face, you three CAN survive anything. i have known you since db5k days and your performances wowed me time and again and made me realise the true meaning of music..although we yearn for your reunion so so so so much, we will just wish you happiness and support whatever your decision may be. and now my last message... JUNSU, you are an angel from heaven really..your talents..your voice never fails to touch my heart..your dance..you heart..your laughter..you butt.. xD..i have never seen another person that talented..cheers to your future great success!! Jaejoong..we love how you always assure us with your little message..you have a beautiful heart and voice..continue being the lovable mummy!!xD Yoochun..good job to your success in RP!! really love the drama <3.. you deep voice is soothing, especially when you speaks english haha :P JYJ, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!! JYJ FIGHTING!!!!! l love you!<3
im sure they can feel your love!