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just saw the movie.. n i am almost into tears.. park shin hye is a great actress.. shez pretty, cute n each expression of her is so real..wish she wasn't a ghost but just a wandering spirit of a person in vegetable state, only to return to her body in the end.. i was always her fan.. but after this shez totally incredible :) :)
@neaa yes its bitter if u did not watch it is a bitter drama and brings only tears
@reyam den m definetely not going to watch it....
@ neaa & soula81.. I watch stairway to heaven it was such a sad drama in every single episode I was cry its always sad ,in the end the lead role female and the lead role male both die...
@soula81 shin hye was Young Jung-Suh as a kid.. i didn't see the drama.. i just saw a video of the little shin hye..
@neaa, what that was Park Shin Hye in stairway to heaven??!?!! I didn't even know! it was such a sad drama :( :(
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