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Materials: Old picture frame Scrap wire mesh Caulk Cactus mix soil Moss Succulent cutlings scrap 1"x12" piece of Redwood scrap 1"x6" piece of Redwood Tools: Table saw Finish nail gun Wire snips 1. To start I cut the frame box and made each side 12". 2. Nail the box together and made a "top" and "bottom". The top and bottom pieces were the areas where I nailed the box together so you wouldn't see the finish nails as easily once the box was hung on the wall. When you put the planter box together, keep in mind the sides that will show and place the best sides of the wood facing the exterior of the box. 3. I cut the back piece and finish nailed it on the inside of the box. 4. Then I caulked the back and all the corners of the box to seal the planter frame up. 5. I took the scrap frame and cut it down in size to secure the wire mesh to the frame box and give the box a more finished look. I used finish nails in order to secure the picture frame to the box. 6. I put the cactus soil in the box and compacted it down. I put a very think layer of moss on top of the cactus mix in order to hold the soil in and retain a bit more moisture. 7. I have quite a few succulents growing in my yard so I cut a bunch off in order to make my living art. The ends of the cutlings should "scab up" after a couple of days and then they are ready to insert into the soil and frame box. The cutlings will branch out new roots once planted in the box and essentially make a new plant.
This is so interesting! I would love to have some of these on my porch!
Nice! It's too bad this wouldn't work for plants with weaker roots as well, but thsi is a really easy addition to any room that needs some green
I feel much more relaxed with greenery in my house so I think I'll have to give this a go
I'd have never thought of this! How cute.
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