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I hate this roundabout way of sharing Susan Oxenvad's beautiful visual on using Google Drive in the classroom, but I can't directly link you to her Glogster. So click on the link in this article and explore! Susan gives detailed explanations for each topic, so be sure to hover over each topic to get to her descriptions. One change I'd make: using MindMup in Google Drive to create mindmaps is much easier for me than Google Draw. Compare the two to see which works best for you.
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This is awesome, thanks for sharing! Like @Sjeanyoon I find myself trying to get further and further involved in understanding google drive to use it for projects but don't always know how. Awesome resource.
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More to learn about drive than I realized is possible!
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I feel bad for middle and high schoolers now. With Google Drive, there's no reason to have your mom pick up everyone who has to work on a project with you, bring them to your house, feed them , then drive them all home. You can collaborate in the cloud:)
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@LibraryLady I think that kids should still learn how to work in a group face to face. I hope that group projects can keep a balance between online collaboration and in-person communication!
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@caricakes @LibraryLady Agreed! Even though these products can really help supplement a project, there's nothing like sitting down together to get really good work done.
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