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The episode opens up with President Yoo visiting Minsuk's father's laundromat. We don't know the exact relationship between the two, but it looks like President Yoo has a hand in Minsuk's biological father's misfortune. Minsuk buys gifts for everyone at the office, to apologize for missing so much work. After he goes into his office, he peeks through the blinds and makes kissy faces at Sooyoung. This is so cheesy, but cute I can't handle it! In his office, Sooyoung reminds him to call her "noona" when they're alone, but Minsuk still protests to that. Team Leader Kim and Director Han come into the room, both shouting at the "fake" before realizing that Sooyoung is there. They try to save themselves from exposure, but Sooyoung just laughs and admits she knows everything. With the blinds shut tight, they swear an oath of loyalty to never reveal the secret, it's cute. At home, Sooyoung finds Yoo-ah in bed early without eating dinner. She invites her out to get something to eat to try to patch things up, and luckily Yoo-ah responds to it. Outside the convenience store, Yoo-ah reassures that she's okay. There are other fish in the sea, and she can find a better man than Minsuk. Sooyoung offers a hit to the face to make it even, lol. Then we cut to the next day, the exact scene that we opened the drama with in the first episode where Minsuk rushes to school after a meeting to take a test and Sooyoung helps him arrange his time. At school, it's pretty obvious that Minsuk is still awkward with Yoo-ah, but she doesn't let him explain anything and acts like nothing is wrong. She even tells Taesuk that she'll date him because he likes her, like it's a favor haha. On their way off work, Minsuk and Sooyoung bump into Director Yoo on the elevator. Of course, Minsuk and Director Yoo have their little immature exchange before Sooyoung has to half-drag him out before they start throwing punches again. Later, Minsuk asks Sooyoung, "Was I being petty?" Sooyoung: "Kind of a lot." Suddenly, Grandpa appears from behind and they take him home. At home, Minsuk takes Grandpa to bed and Sooyoung waltzes into Minsuk's room. She discovers the moss plant and as they poke at it, their hands accidentally touch, making the atmosphere awkward. What are you, teenagers? (Don't answer that..) Minsuk leaves to get drinks and asks himself why it's so hot lol. Meanwhile, Sooyoung finds an old photo album with pictures of Minsuk playing hockey since he was young. She turns to a page of Minsuk's butt naked baby picture and he fights to take it out of her hands out of embarrassment. But then he pulls too hard and she ends up sprawled on top of him. She gets up quickly, and Minsuk has a fit, "Whoa, whoa what are you doing when you were the one that said skinship wasn't allowed? Grandpa is sleeping, what were you trying to do? Misunderstanding, my foot." Minsuk walks her home in the rain, and Sooyoung mentions that she wants to start exercising together.Perhaps to help with his shoulder? When Minsuk gets home, he packs all his hockey stuff in a box and leaves it on the street to be thrown out. But then he comes back and takes the box back in. Meanwhile, Sooyoung is researching ways for him to recover his shoulder. At dawn the next day, Minsuk and Sooyoung go work out. She's over-enthusiastic but Minsuk would rather be doing something else. At the laundromat, a fruit basket delivery from Comfo arrives for Minsuk's father. There is an envelope of money attached to it. So Minsuk's father angrily barges into President Yoo's office and rips up the envelope, saying he won't accept this kind of trash money. On his way out, Director Nam and Director Yoo sees him and he peaks Director Yoo's curiosity, causing him to do a search on him along with Director Nam's background information that he was Lee Jangsoo's driver. He gets a text from Yoo-ah to meet later. After work, Sooyoung gets Minsuk to exercise again. He keeps trying to tell her that she doesn't need to do this for him, but she insists that it's for her own health. When she injures herself, he finally explodes. Stop wasting her time on this and hurting herself! Yoo-ah meets Director Yoo to pay him back for the money she borrowed the last time. At this time, Taesuk and Dukhwan happen to see her from outside, and misunderstands the situation that Director Yoo is extorting money from her. Taesuk grabs Director Yoo by the collar, but Yoo-ah explains that it's her sister's superior at work and they apologize. Later, Yoo-ah texts him and says that their collaboration ends here, and to meet someone better than her sister. In the car, Director Yoo spots Minsuk and his father together, starting to make the connection... The next day at work, Minsuk tries to talk to Sooyoung. She doesn't really blow him off, but her answers are short and the conversation is mostly one-sided. Director Yoo reports to the President that Lee Hyungsuk is the son of Lee Jangsoo. He tries to warn his father that their might be something fishy, especially because Hyungsuk came into a company like Comfo when he was doing so well in Germany. President tries to dismiss it from Director Yoo, but it obviously bothers him because he asks Minsuk out for lunch and asks him about his father. Minsuk just tells him that his father's business went bad and he and his mother passed away. But with the look on President's face, it seems to be more than that. Later that night, Sooyoung calls Minsuk out to come meet her at the park. He runs over and she tells him there's something she wants to show him. She goes over to the high bar, situates herself on top and flips over. It's the same thing she did when she was younger before she injured and traumatized herself, vowing to never do it again. But she just did it. A flashback shows that the reason she wasn't answering Minsuk's calls was because she was practicing that flip, even during her lunch break and after work. If she can do this, so can he. Minsuk is so touched that he just kisses her while she's about to show him her flip again. But skinship is forbidden! she says. Minsuk, "Let's do it again." *swoons* At home, Minsuk puts back all his hockey pictures back on the wall and looks on happily. The next day, Minsuk runs into hockey training. He asks coach to allow him back on the team. He doesn't know if it'll work but he wants to go to the end and then he'll give up. The coach allows him and the team cheers him on. Sooyoung and Minsuk go into a sports equipment store because she wants to buy him something. When they pay, the cashier commends Sooyoung for being such a cool aunt. "I'm not his aunt though..." Noona? "I'm not his noona either." She walks away and the cashier says hesitantly, "...Mom?" All Minsuk can do is laugh and says, "She's my girlfriend." LOL. At work, Director Yoo meets up with an old colleague who had also worked with Hyungsuk in the past. However, when Minsuk comes right up to them, he doesn't acknowledge this person. It confuses everyone except Minsuk, of course. When Minsuk changes into his school uniform again at the end of the day, the elevator doors slide open and there's Director Yoo. There's nowhere to hide, and Minsuk has this "Oh, shit" face. COMMENTS Finally! As much as I enjoyed all the cute fluff between Minsuk and Sooyoung in this episode, I've been waiting for some more conflict. I just also wish that Hyungsuk would make an appearance soon, because it's getting ridiculous with how absent he is. :/ I actually thought Director Yoo would find out about Minsuk through Yoo-ah or his friends at first, so I'm sort of glad he found out by himself. It saves from any kind of conflict in their cute friendship. Anyway! Can't wait for the fallout now that everyone knows!
@irelis27 You should! It's really funny :)
I have yet to see this drama... hm! might have to :)
SEO IN GUK AHHH this episode was so wacky haha Love this drama!