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The Rumors are true! I am going to be a Special Guest at Kcon 2014! I’m so psyched! I will be there representing My blog, My Kpop Texas Facebook pages and of course KBEAT! This will be my first time traveling out of Texas in just about 7 years! I am very exciting and scared at the same time. I posted an article the other day about my GoFundMe. I’m trying to make money for my stay in Cali and for food. I’m also giving away rewards now. If you donate you can get some Kpop stuff from Koreatown in Cali. (However I can only ship within the US.) So if you want to donate to help me have a good time at Kcon you can Click Here I am going to be in a panel on Sunday. Look out for more details about that later! I will also just be at the con Saturday and most of Sunday having fun and enjoying the experience. If you see me I will -Most Likely- be wearing my Girls Generation shirt. I have been waiting to be able to tell you guys this. I really wanted to before but I wasn’t sure if I could XD So here is the news now! I cannot wait to go and meet all of my favorite Kpop Youtubers, other Kpop online friends that are going and of course YOU GUYS! I am super duper excited to see my girls too. OMG everyt time I think about the fact that I am going to see GG in Concert I FREAK!!! They are my top bias girl group and Sunny is my top female Kpop Bias. I cannot even guys. I just can’t even. Also if someone would have tried to tell me when Kcon started that eventually I’d be a special guest at Kcon I would have told them they were crazy. Heck, half the time now I still can’t even believe it! This is such a dream come true! I hope to see some of you there! Are you going to Kcon? Is it your first, second, or third time? Who are you most excited to see in Concert? What special guests/youtubers are you most excited to see/meet?
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that sounds amazing - so jealous! I wish I could go too >.< I'm sure you'll have an amazing time! Take lots of pictures for me~~~
omg - you're so lucky!!!!!! take loads of photos!
LUCKY you have to tell us all about it haha
Awesome! I'm bummed that I live so close but I'm not going ㅠㅜ but have a really good time! I'll live vicariously through you haha