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Classes suck. I don't care how good your teacher is, if you're in a class, you'll get a really poor return for your time and effort. There are two main problems with language learning in a class based environment. The first is that the class moves at the pace of its slowest student. In my Korean class, there were a few of us who were comfortable reading aloud and who could do so with the speed and fluency of a near-native speaker and others who struggled to make it through the sentence - the teacher would spend a large amount of time coaching them...which was fine except it meant for exceptionally boring classes at times. I remember learning Spanish in school and constantly finding myself bored in class as I waited for the other students to catch up. The second is that language learning is a fairly personal process — everyone naturally learns some words or topics easier than others, therefore a class is not going to be able to address each student’s personal needs as well or in a timely fashion. In addition, people have different levels of commitment to learning a language. Some, like me, are doing it because they love languages and relish the challenge of communicating in a foreign tongue whereas others are doing it because they think it's an easy option(!) or because they have no choice. It used to frustrate me no end that, whereas I'd do the homework at home (duh!) other students wouldn't bother and the teacher would spend half the class going through the homework. The larger the classroom, the less efficient it’s going to be. Anyone who had to take a foreign language in school and retained absolutely none of it can tell you this. You'd be much better off saving the money and working either by yourself or more ideally with a tutor and/or language partner!
Most of the the thing you said are right. One important thing I realised is any subject you wants to learn must start with Interest , passion , perseverence. Plus of course the time . I love languages. Now I can read and speak and write in Spanish, French. My priority is Korean , French and Spanish. Next target will be Mandarin and Japanese. So the conclusion is as student i will Study at my own pace and perservere. No matter what. Spanish and French have the same structure as English. I have been learning English as second language since school days. So its quite easy to follow. But Korean with difference sentence stuctures can make us confuse but with interest and perseverence we will survive. At least now I can slowly read and write Hangul.I am proud of myself .Reason for study to watch K . Drama and other films. So don't be disheartened be it teacher or student. Don't be surprise if one day everybody in this class writes Hangul in the coment section. So cheer up .
@Ekinoner I totally agree. Teachers too frequently get caught up on making sure every single student progresses at the same pace when in reality, that's just unrealistic.
I think it really depends on the teacher. My Spanish teacher intimidated me so much that to this day I am still hesitant to speak Spanish even though I studied for nearly 5 years. Then I have my French teacher who I loved and inspired me to do so much more with the language. I'm with @Ekinoner, and agree with you on most points^^
I certainly do agree on some points but I don't think 'all' the classes can be skipped even though I did so with my french classes. I think language classes need strict tutors where they can leave behind the 'casualties' and continue with the pace of the majority in order to not to cripple most of the class.
really? surely learning in a classroom environment is better than studying on your own - some talking is better than none, right?