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In Japan, photo booth photos are not just for passports and driving licences. Instead, special プリクラ (purikura) photo booths allow you to take silly photos with your friends and edit/decorate them before printing them and distributing them among yourselves. The booths have tools to make your skin whiter, your eyes bigger, your eyelashes longer, your lips redder - whatever you want, there's probably a tool for it. The result? A "cute" (or slightly alienesque) photo of you and your buddies. These are some of the photos I took during my stay in Japan last summer. Personally, I think I look like an alien - no one's eyes should be that big! - but my friends insist I look adorable. These photo booths aren't only found in Japan. While the idea originated in Japan, they're also really popular in other parts of Asia; particularly in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Whether you think it's wonderful or pure madness, a trip to Japan isn't complete without a sheet of sticker pictures!
so cute~ >.<
I have a photo album full of these ~ there so cute - but they're a lot more expensive these days than they used to be!
I have so many of these stuffed into various journals and wallets haha They're so fun! We actually have a ton of these near my house in San Diego as well.
I haven't been to Japan yet but I've seen quite a lot of these sticker photo machines in China too - doesn't seem like the edit tools are so good here though