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[zháinán] / [zháinǚ] = geek / nerd 宅男 (zháinán) is Chinese slang for a male geek or nerd, and it literally means “house male.” 宅女 (zháinǚ) means a female geek or nerd. 宅 : house 男 : male 女 : female The meaning is more of less the same than the Western one although there are some slight differences. Whereas a Western geek could be described as a "peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, especially one who is perceived to be overly intellectual', a Chinese 宅男 loses the intellectual part - a 宅男 will simply spend all day alone in their room in front of their computer, entertaining themselves with games, chatting, TV dramas, and movies. It's used more to refer to those who sorely lack social interaction. Example: “网络催生出许多宅男宅女,社交圈更窄“ =“The internet has led to the rise of many male and female geeks – their social circle is more narrow than before”
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I think they have a similar word in Japanese!