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It's common knowledge for those in the entertainment industry that you should avoid working with animals and children at all cost. Especially animals. That said, where would we be without their cute little faces, quirky character traits, and ever-available Instagram poses? These days it's no surprise that they're the choice companion of jet-setting fashion figures. Check out some of these stars and their furry friends. *Picture Credit : Vogue UK July 2014.
I practically live in al black clothing and my dog sheds like crazy. I have just decided to embrace the fact that I will always have a nice layer of white dog hair on everything I own. On the plus side my dog is ADORABLE and distracts everyone from what I look like haha
I almost didn't recognise Marc Jacobs!
so cute! I really like Kate Moss' dog - but is it a good idea to be taking a baby rabbit around the world? Apparently Cara carries it around in a handbag...that doesn't seem too nice...?