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When they show the girl they commercials they've done. Haha so cute and funny. I loved this drama! I just really really really REALLY dislike the main actor. Team everyone else except the one she ends up with. Sorry, I can't remember names and I'm too lazy to find out the names. If you haven't seen this drama, WATCH IT! It's really funny and cute.
This was suuuuuch a good drama. This is how I fell in love with Jang Geun Suk in the first place!
@jaminwithyou I keep seeing stuff for this show so yes!!
this is one of my favorite dramas. I agree, I think she should have picked jeremy or the other guy. but this drama made me love all 3 of the male actors/singers. the first episdoe sucks!!!! but get past that one, and it's great!! I'm glad I gave this drama a second chance
@saharhyunjoong, do watch it! it's pretty good :D
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