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1. Big topwater smashes. 2. Beautiful lakes. 3. You can go alone, or with family, or with friends. Or with a beer. All good reasons. 4. You'll have great memories, and great stories, to share. 5. Nothing beats a nice hook set. 6. You can find a little peace on the water. 7. Top. Water. Smashes! 8. You never know when you're gonna catch one of these big ones.
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tempted to tell you why I think bass fishing *from a kayak is the greatest!! @mcgraffy
@yakwithalan hey now seema like youre trying to start a fight
@happyrock nothing beats a topwater smash!
@mcgraffy ha ha no no just a good natured joke....but I do love bass fishing in my kayak
@yakwithalan maybe you can convince me why...