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Cyclist and photojournalist Evan Wilder was passed at an unsafe distance while riding his bike down R Street in Washington D.C. When Evan was audibly upset at the incident, the driver swerved in front of him and slammed on the breaks, causing Evan to rear end the driver's vehicle. The driver is now upset, yelling about the rear ending incident and failing to admit fault for driving aggressively. After some verbal arguments that seem to go nowhere, Evan attempts to call the police. This is when his bicycle is thrown into the bed of the driver's truck. While Evan was in the hospital being checked on after the accident, the officer cited Evan with the ticket. Here is the officers account: "D1 states he was traveling east bound on his bicycle when D2 drove past him on the left. D1 states D2 passed him too closely. D1 further states that D2 stopped at the stop sign in front of him and he was unable to stop his bike in time. D1 struck the back of D2 with his bike causing a scratch to the right side of D2's tailgate. D2 states he was stopped at the stop sign when he heard D1 strike the rear of his vehicle. [Witness] W1 states D2 was stopped at the stop sign and D1 struck his right rear bumper. W1 also states D2 was walking perfectly fine after the accident. W2 states he came out side of his house after the accident and seen D1's bike behind D2's truck as in a rear end. D1 was issued an NOI [Notice Of Infraction] for following too closely. D1 had no complaint of injury but was transported to Howard University Hospital by Medic 17 for further evaluation."
What is the officer's name and badge number. There needs to be a formal complaint to the police dept. about this incident.
@bigredhunt I'm sure you can contact the DC police commissioner about this sort of thing. It's not the first time DC police seem to ignore cyclists though. This same cyclist was hit by a former police officer in a hit and run...
Talk about rude. I can't believe Evan got cited!!!
@briankelley I am sure the cyclist will dispute the claim. As for the aggressive driving and damage to property, I believe the officer said it was "an entirely different matter" as in it was a different crime committed separate from the cyclist's infraction. I'll be sure to update if there is any news
what happened after the video was viewed? After watching it was pretty clear that the guy stopped to cause the bike to hit him. he also overtook the bike without providing ample room.
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