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Here is the champion of the Tour de France, the GC winner, Vincenzo Nibali. Nibali really stole the tour this year, holding the yellow jersey for 19 of the 21 stages.
He road very well. Too bad some big names weren't able to compete with him
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I'm sure he's tired, but I'd have thought he's look a little happier. This photo is a little sad for a champion.
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@caricakes I agree- definitely not the expression you'd expect from a champion
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Mostly likely having a moment of reflection, probably hasn't sunk in yet! He rode a flawless race! It's unfortunate his competitors didn't fare so well!
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Its gotta be bittersweet when you make it to the top. Where do you go next? Very honest photo. Tour winners always seem emaciated looking after its over as they almost actually are.
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