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WHAT IS HTML5? HTML5 is the latest version of HTML that has brought new features for web designers to use. As with anything new in web design, it has limitations depending on the browser and version you are using. In order to make cool things happens you'll need to also use CSS3 and javascript NEW SYNTAX - new <video> <audio> <canvas> elements - integration of scalable vector graphics (SVG) - new APIs such that are able to make Offline Web Applications, Drag-and-drop, etc WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Because of the many new features this means that plug-ins won't be required for websites. This would be one less thing to install, and hopefully less risk of installing viruses or unnecessary browser toolbars. There are many other features that I didn't mention here. Are any of you HTML5 experts and like to share some knowledge? Here are some good websites for information:
@TechAtHeart Excuse my tech knowledge (aka none!) but is this the system that will also help with a new style of gifs? that play better/load faster than the current style of gifs?
@TechAtHeart yes that's it!! Thank you for finding that
@onesmile I found an explanation that might be helpful. I think you're talking about actual videos, which load faster than gifs :)
@ahnjp05 aahh, typo. Thank you for pointing that out :) I meant to say plugins won't be required. Before you would have to install plugins to view videos because websites would use realplayer, etc.
less plugins won't be required? I'm confused - does this mean more/less plugins?