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It's common among some fisherman (though not all) to believe that bass stop feeding in the hottest times of days, because the air temperature is just too high. But really, there is more "myth" to that "fact" that some anglers live by. Bass are a fish, and fish are cold-blooded. That means their body temperatures adjust to their surrounds, and they can live within a certain range of temperatures. Temperature has one major effect on the bass and that is that it regulates the speed of how its body works. That means that it's going to be digesting food faster or slower depending on the temperature. So, when the bass has to use more energy to regulate to the temperature, he also requires more and more food to get that energy. This single fact shows that there's absolutely no way that fish do not feed during hot weather. In fact, its more likely that they feed even more during hot weather than at any other time!
its so logical that i never even thought about it....hotter weather = harder work = more food = more bites!!
@mcgraffy I guess we all should have realized it, but not everyone has
@happyrock so logical it makes too much sense! hah!