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The Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University developed and is continuing to research an app called Tiramisu (which literally means "pick me up" in Italian.) The app is for community members to track buses in real time and provide information about the fullness of a bus. The app requires your GPS or Wifi for accurate locations. Also, it can be used by the blind community. Android: | iPhone:
I learnt something new today - I never knew tiramisu meant pick me up in Italian! That said, I will admit to feeling slightly disappointed when I found out this was a bus app - I definitely thought this was to do with desserts!
@funkystar25, it's the coffee in the tiramisu. Supposed to wake you up after a big meal. As if we need an excuse to eat tiramisu? Thanks for sharing this app, @TechAtHeart
this would be great in LA!!! :)
@csgeek oh my goodness, yes