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This is a touching, but sad story. Rory was out fishing in his kayak when he saw a dog approaching. He pulls the dog on board, dries him off, and attempts to locate the owner. After the video ends, they take the dog to the vet and it has an ID chip, so they're able to find the owner. It turns out that this dog Barney saw its owner get hit by a car, and ran away from the scene, and is undergoing something akin to PTSD. The dog was thankfully rescued by this angler, and thus able to help the family through the tragedy!
This is something else...good to see something good happening on the water, sad to hear why it happened. Anyways, good thing he was there to help the og out
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Wow this is heartbreaking. I'm glad that the family was able to find the poor dog, losing another member of the family would have been too much to bear!
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I would be so surprised if some animal swam up to me like....im glad this guy was able to help
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@mcgraffy @sophiamor @fallingwater yep sad situation but at least some good came out of it
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