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I was browsing GoogleApp a couple weeks back and saw widely endorsed Duolingo app that has been recommended to me by some mates. I tried out the French course and found it efficient to easily remember some forgotten words. Then I started using the Spanish course which I had no prior knowledge of. I progressed to about half of the module and it seems that it is really flowing. I think it is a really good at learning a new language and can be really reinforced by podcasts or some entry-level audio books probably the most crucial element that is missing is speaking. Are there any fellow Duolingo-ers(?) out there?
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I use dualingo for German! If you have taken formal classes or have had previous experience with the language it is a great supplement to help keep your skills sharp. It's solid for brushing up and keeping your attention on those little grammatical details.
Duolingo is my life! I'm learning German
Gurren Tag! Wie Gates! I took 3 yrs of German in HS and still remember a lot of it. I am doing the Spanish refresher and then the German. Maybe tackle my Polish after that!
Duolingo is great. I use it every day as my base for learning french. I listen to some audio tapes, go through some old notes and watch a lot of french films as well but Duolingo is my main tool.
I'm currently a second year German student. We have a thing called Options journals and Duolingo counts to my grade.