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Recently, I decided to learn Spanish, and I wanna learn it by watching a Spanish drama. Can anyone recommend a good drama to learn Spanish? Not very difficult one..plz lololol hmm..just for you know, I love How I met your mother, so I might one of those kinds! :) Thanks in advance..!
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thanks! can u tell me what's this drama about?
is about a girl who was diagnosed with cancer, the relationship is its cousins , a beautiful love relationship (best) and how they confronted all obstacles. You'll laugh and to mourn of sadness and joyful ... the best history I've seen
aww it sounds great! thanks for your recommendation :)
u are welcome
Hi i'm from spain ,one of this dramas or series that can you enjoy with love,drama and funniest moment :Los hombres de Paco,El internado (this one is a misterius is really good),Los serrano,El comisario(police one),and one thats on air now with 2 season is Pulseras Rojas this is really good about kids with cancer thats based on really history.If you want more just send me a message.By By