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The gender gap in the tech world today is real and we have to makes sure to start talking about it. Only 13 percent of venture-backed companies have at least 1 female co-founder! To top it off, some women wanting to launch start-ups have experienced discrimination while fundraising...especially since most investors are white-males. Some of these experiences are so infuriating!
I read a fantastic profile on Dame Stephanie Shirley - when fundraising for her company, she went by the name of Steve. It wasn't until she was already through the door that everyone realised she was in fact a woman! (Imagine their shock ;) )
I've always wondered what women experience when meeting with potential investors. Hopefully as more women start to get into tech, the next generation can have it a lot easier!
My brother and dad have worked in tech for a long time; I once asked them about whether or not there were any females (especially my brother, who is closer to my age) and they always comment on how its few and far between. hopefully this can change, because if it doesn't change in employee ratios it will never change in owner ratios either!!!
@caricakes yes, I hope so! for now, we'll need to raise awareness of the issue and hope that determined women will help pave the path for future generations. @funkystar25 I haven't read about that yet! i'm going to look for it