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Finally! Someone has attempted to prove that there is in fact correlation between staying up late and having a higher IQ. And while I know intelligence isn't all about the actual number of your IQ, I have to agree with most of the points in this article. I'm a night owl, and I feel like I get so much more accomplished because of it. First off, staying up late gives you time to really think about, analyze, and explore all that you experienced and all that came to mind throughout the day. In this time, you don't simply push these thoughts away to sleep, but you explore them, and you come to understand how they really make you feel. Those who are willing to stay up late are willing to push past the standard 9-5, sleep during the night lifestyle. They try new things, and develop new preferences. In doing so, they become more conditions to accomplish more as humans and as leaders! So, fellow night owls, let's rejoice and stay up all night :)
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not directly, but it takes longer to fall asleep.
@drxgrey @EmanuelPagnColn I've found that if I cancel the blue light on my phone with an app when staying up late I still sleep really well after!
ahh youre right.. just downloaded the apps like u mentioned. its actually filters out the blue light on your phone n make u feel less tensions to your eyes
@drxgrey Yeah! It's really nice. I totally underestimated how much it would help me, but rather than being able to stay aware when tired because of my screen's light, I find myself dozing off
I would agree... But makes the next day really difficult