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The Pop-Up Pinhole Co. was founded by London based designer Kelly Angood who has been crafting pinhole cameras since 2010. She develops beautiful, educational and fun do-it-yourself pinhole camera kits and manufactures them using independent suppliers and traditional processes. Accepting both medium format and 35mm film, this “world’s cutest” pinhole camera is made with screen-printed, durable, recycled card—it is currently available in four colours, namely green, black, blue and red. You can pledge for the VIDDY DIY camera kit here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kellyangood/viddy-the-worlds-cutest-diy-pinhole-camera-kit
This is such a cute idea, I want one!!
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What do you think @dillonk ?
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These are so cute! I'd love to make one :)
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@flymetothemoon I believe you can back for this project on Kickstarter
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I want it too really cute: )
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