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Middle Eastern architecture is often recognized by its elegantly curved arches and spiraling columns, which feature heavily throughout Domiri’s photos. Many of the historic sites Domiri shoots are decorated with colorful stained-glass windows, geometric decorations and painstakingly detailed mosaics, so he shoots with special wide-angle lenses to make sure that he captures all of these details. Because they are historic structures, many of these mosques also impose heavy restrictions on photography – making photos like Domiri’s very rare.
I am hoping to go to Iran before the end of the year. One of my close friends at university is Iranian and she has invited me to stay~ I'm really hoping I can go...
@tavangar it would be pleasure to come to Iran and see those wonderful architecture with my own eyes !
I am iranian and I go to this wonderful architecture and I invite you all to come iran and see close up:)
@galinda yah right ! That was my favorite as well !!
Are these all in Iran?
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