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Xpogo (Extreme Pogo-ing)
Here are some guys that do some crazy stuff on pogo sticks. I haven't seen these in a few years and I don't think I've ever seen it in real life. Anyone know somebody that does this? Video by: RISE Xpogo
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@caricakes Strangely enough it is a real thing ahahha @SJeanyoon It's hard to keep your balance on a regular pogo stick so I image it's tough on this thing
3 years ago·Reply
HOW is this possible!!! I don't understand @.@
3 years ago·Reply
I was literally holding my breath through this entire video
3 years ago·Reply
How does someone even get into this? I'd be terrified of my first flip.
3 years ago·Reply
Too extreme for me!
3 years ago·Reply