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15 Social Media Sites Beyond Facebook
My students are much more interested in the visual sites--Instagram and Tumblr are very popular. They tell me that they hate sites like, but that they go on to check what friends and classmates are doing. I spend a lot of time talking about digital tattoos, and how what you put on line stays on line, but we still have kids sharing inappropriate photos:/ It just doesn't seem to occur to them how a quickly shared photo can possibly impact them in the future.
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When people talk about social media it is usually just "Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube" where are all the thousands of other sites? This is a good start to the list.
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There's so many more sites than people commonly use, and like @LibraryLady like you worry about, people think that just because there aren't many of their friends on the site, it'll never be seen.SO wrong!!! It'll surface someday..
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